Mack Noodleman was a tough guy wannabe, without much success. His ineptitude had gotten him thrown out of every respectable criminal organization in the neighborhood. When a despondent Mac learned of Colonel Jenkins and his Gourmet Guerillas, he felt joining them would be his last chance to redeem himself. Grabbing the first box he could find in his kitchen, he hurried down to the Colonel’s lab and threw himself into the Bio-Regenerator before anyone could stop him. What was once Mack Noodleman emerged a disgusting, sloppy human blob of macaroni and cheese. Oozing across the floor to see his reflection in the polished glass of the lab equipment, Mack was ecstatic with his transformation. He was finally the vile and repulsive creature he always wanted to be. Rather than have Mack ooze around, the Colonel created a small assault vehicle for him. Mack is able to propel himself around by shooting hot cheese out of the noodle pipe in the back. Mack is also able to shoot hot cheese at his victims through the noodle cannon on the front of his car or directly through his noodle fingers.

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