The Inkblots

The Inkblots are a magical group of characters made out of ink, who live in the inkwells of any in need of help or hope. These mischievous little characters, like inky little genies, mysteriously appear to those in need of a magical assist. The Inkblots currently reside in the ink bottles in the art supplies of a young freelance cartoonist, Arthur Lovers, a widower struggling to keep his career going, while supporting his six-year-old daughter, Kimmie, who is the only one in the house who knows of their existence. To help Art in his career, the Inkblots will often enter one of Art’s comic pages left on the drawing board when he is asleep to help with the story he is working on.

The Inkblots can be made out of whatever color ink that they emerge from, though each Inkblot is usually the preferred color of the ink that is in the bottle that each call home. The Inkblots can use the ink from their bodies to write or draw. In fact, if the inkblots lose their concentration or are in a weakened state, they can leave an inky residue from their bodies. The Inkblots usually avoid interaction with humans and will only reveal themselves to those with the innocence and imagination of a child. The most remarkable talent that the Inkblots have is to interact with other drawn or painted figures and enter into two-dimensional graphic backgrounds. They are irresistibly drawn toward adventure.