the new AngelCheeks

In 2013, I was shown a digital presentation of a proposal for a new animated show. I was asked to try this presentation for one of my properties. Angelcheeks was suggested, because she seemed to have more marketability. Some characters were just “tweaked,” i.e. just redesigned to update them (e.g. ‘Cheeks, Gerta, and Bruno); others were re-envisioned (e.g. Meenas, who went from Oglias’ “sister” to “daughter”, and ‘Cheeks’ dark side, and Blip, a new character to replace the dated Tidbit character); while others seemed fine the way they were (e.g. Bunny and Syfer). I must admit that I have a soft spot for the original, since she was mostly designed from my wife, Mary Ann, who inspired many of my characters in various strips.