Colonel David Jenkins was a military career man, whose ego and attitude had always been his worst enemy. He was certain that his current assignment, babysitting a young scientist, Jim Daynes, who was the High Command’s new :wonder-boy,” was probably just to keep from getting other prime assignments. Consumed with revenge, Jenkins became obsessed with finding ways to discredit the young scientist, like sabotage. This, then, lead to the fateful day of the accident, when Jenkins and Daynes fell into the experimental nuclear Bio-Regenerator, freakishly transforming them forever. Jenkins was mutated to unpopped popcorn, a human kernel, which also gave him strange powers. Jenkins learns that popcorn is popped when the energy in the kernel is released. This same energy is hekd in the human kernel, dramatically increasing Jenkins’ density and power. Dubbing himself “Colonel Kernel,” Jenkins vows to destroy Pop-star and all he stands for. Using blueprints which he had stolen from Daynes’ lab, The Colonel built his own Bio-Regenerator and created his own freakish army to set against Pop-star.

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