As Popstar grew in fame, the Colonel grew in notoriety. Though the Colonel sought out soldiers for his “Gourmet Guerillas” he was surprised when someone sought him out. Local mob boss Pastry Provolone learned about Colonel Kernel from Dough-nutz, who worked for Provolone as a strong-arm man before his transformation. Provolone saw this as a great new racket and put the word out to the Colonel that he wanted in. The Colonel was skeptical, but decided that Provolone’s brains and savvy made him worth the risk. Armed with his favorite cheese wheel, Provolone eagerly entered the Bio-Regenerator and exited as the lethal human cheese wheel, dubbed Formaggie, “the cheese whiz.” Besides the formidable power of his great size and diabolical mind, Formaggie has the power to split his body into many sentient slices, carrying around his own army of hit-men with him at all times.

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